YouTube Channel Trailer Examples 2018 [Make Yours AMAZING]

Hey, I’m Sunny Lenarduzzi. Today I’m going teach you how to create an amazing YouTube channel trailer that grabs attention and subscribers.

Your channel trailer is really the first impression of your channel, and you want to make it a good one.

There are five factors that a good channel trailer must include. Who you are, so you want to introduce yourself and give people your name. Why you’re a credible source, i.e., you’re the founder of a certain company, you’re an author, you’re the creator, or even if you have a blog that you want to tell people that you founded. Just give them some kind of a source of why you’re an expert on the topic you speak about on your channel.

You also want to have a content benefit for your viewers, so how will your viewers benefit from watching your videos? That gives them a reason to stay tuned and subscribe. How often you post, this is really important because if people don’t think you post often, they won’t subscribe to your channel. Finally, your channel trailer should absolutely have a call to action to subscribe to your channel and also to go to your website or wherever you want to drive them for more information.

I’m actually going to show you how to upload your channel trailer to your channel at the end of this video, but before I do that, I wanted to give you a glimpse in to my very first channel trailer that grew my channel from scratch to 50,000 subscribers, and it’s simple, and you can create one very similar to it. I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into what that looks like (watch my video to see my old trailer).

Try and keep it under two minutes, because you really want to make it quick and give people a reason to watch the entire thing. In order to script your video and keep it under that two minute mark this is a sample script that I recommend using. It should go something like:

“Hi! I’m [introduce yourself and your name]. Welcome to my YouTube channel. I’m an entrepreneur, gamer, blogger, makeup expert, whatever you happen to be, and on my channel I’ll be posting videos about X, Y, and Z every single Tuesday, every single week. Make sure you’re giving people the frequency of how often you post. You’re going to give them that viewer benefit next, so you’ll learn how to X from my channel. Be sure to subscribe for new content and comment below to introduce yourself.”

You can take this script and use it for your channel trailer as well.

Now, as far as getting the right footage for your channel trailer, here are a few things that you definitely need.

You want to have yourself on camera so people can see who they’re subscribing to. Next you want to make sure that you have some B roll footage, which means footage of the things that you’re talking about. If you are a beauty blogger, you want to have footage of you doing makeup either on yourself or somebody else. That’s called B roll.

Then you want to include some vlog style or action shots to draw people’s attention in and show that you’re a real human being.

Then, finally, it’s always good to add a little bit of music on your channel trailer as well. I have a whole video on finding good royalty free music on my channel.

Now, you know how to create your YouTube channel trailer, so now I’m going to show you how to actually add it and upload it to your channel in the right spot. To add a channel trailer to your channel, you’re going to go to your channel on YouTube. Make sure that you’re actually logged in, and go to the little gear wheel or the settings wheel on the right side, beside the subscribe button. You want to look right here, customize the layout of your channel. Make sure this is turned on. You can see mine is turned on. This is for when you want to add your channel trailer. It allows you to do other things as well, add playlists into sections, that kind of stuff. Make sure this is turned on first, otherwise you won’t be able to do this.

Then you want to go to this section here. It says either for returning subscribers or for new visitors. This is what new visitors are going to see and this is your channel trailer right here. I already have a channel trailer added to my channel, but if you’re going to add a new channel trailer this is the place to do it. It would have a little button here that says add new channel trailer. If you want to change your trailer or remove your trailer, you just hit the little pen or pencil up in the top right corner. If I wanted to change my trailer, I can pick any of my videos as you can see, or I can just enter the URL of the video on my channel I want to make my trailer. That’s it. That’s as simple as it is to get your channel trailer set up on your YouTube channel.

You’re good to go. Now you know how to create your channel trailer but did you know there’s still 14 other steps that you might be missing in setting your YouTube channel up for success? Make sure that you grab my Boss YouTube Channel Checklist. I give you all 14 steps and exactly how to do them.

Also, check out my new channel trailer, which has garnered a ton of views and is a little more creative and flashy. You can check that out to get some inspiration and ideas. Here’s also one of my favorite channel trailers on YouTube, which belongs to Miss Karlie Kloss. She has an awesome channel, and her trailer is on point, so check that out as well.

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Thank you so much for reading and watching!

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