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0-100,000 YouTube Subscribers in Under 12 Months

With these 9 simple steps, you’ll be able to optimize your channel and every single video you publish in order to finally see the growth and results you deserve! The bigger you grow your channel, the wider your reach and authority becomes, therefore, the more positive impact you can have in this world! I’m honoured to be your guide!



Did you know that 60% of traffic on YouTube is search driven? That’s why the key to gaining high visibility online and generating targeted traffic is by positioning yourself to show up on the first page of YouTube results. This is the ultimate YouTube SEO checklist for targeted views, subscribers and leads!
Desperate for more views on YouTube? Want to own your niche online? Want to generate targeted leads, organically? From keywords to distribution, I’ve got you covered.
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From how to use Snapchat to tips on public speaking, I have a bank of YouTube tutorials covering your most burning questions! Watch my YouTube tutorials here.


Did you know that the editing process begins before you even turn on your camera? From pre-production to post production, I’ll break down every step of the editing process to make editing your videos a breeze. Plus, if you’re confused about software, I have app and desktop recommendations that are extremely user friendly.
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Feeling overwhelmed and intimated by Twitter? Twitter can be your most powerful networking tool, if you know how to capitalize on all of the available features. In this checklist, you’ll find clarity on how to build a targeted audience and create a consistent brand with your tweets. Get the checklist here!


If you’re not using Snapchat, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience and build your brand. This is exactly why I put together this cheat sheet to help show you some of the best ways to grow your Snapchat audience!






We all have our owns fears. Each and every one of us. Through time and practice, I’ve learned how to conquer my fears, and turn them into actionable, achievable goals. I put together the EXACT steps and strategies I use on the daily, to help to create a business and life of my dreams!  


Set up your YouTube channel for
success and learn how to stand out in a sea of content! I put
together 14 quick and simple steps to set up your YouTube channel for more views, subscribers and leads!


Creating and publishing great content can be a lot of work, so you need to get organized and figure out a schedule that works for you and your business. When you have put together a content calendar that you feel comfortable with and you can commit to, social media marketing becomes that much simpler.

This Content Calendar will organize the way you curate and create content, and help develop your editorial and social media strategy!


Do you want to diversify your traffic online and increase your revenue generating capacity?

…while reaching a wider audience with immense focus?

The 90 Day YouTube Scaling Intensive is designed to do exactly that for established 6- and 7 – entrepreneurs like you, while helping you become a widely recognized authority.

This is a high-intimacy, application-only program where we support a small group of high achieving entrepreneurs and help you solidify your authority on YouTube with personalized, one-on-one guidance.  

This program is for those who are ready to supercharge their authority and become THE only choice in their industry.  

So if you’re ready to build a YouTube presence that will generate free, organic leads for you in your sleep, then apply for a strategy call.  

On this call, we’ll review your business, see where the quickest opportunities are for you to start dominating YouTube, and put together a plan to get you up and running as fast as possible.



YouTube for Bosses is a 4-hour crash course that takes you step-by-step at to ranking on page #1 of YouTube for more views, subscribers and business.


YouTube for Bosses is your step-by-step guide to growing your business! The program is broken into 4 phases and I will walk you through each step. I will show you how to find the right keywords to attract your customers, how to edit your videos, how to upload and optimize your videos and finally how to properly share your videos online to get 5x the reach.

As a special bonus, I have created an exclusive YouTube for Bosses Facebook group for all of the bosses in this program to support, like, and share each other’s youtube content – so, you basically have a built in audience and views for your videos right out of the gate!

PLUS I have added an extra bonus section to show you every detail of how to design and set up your perfect freebie offer, to grow your customer list on YouTube. Finally, I have created 2 checklists to help you stay on track and follow throughout the course so you don’t miss any of the steps.

YouTube for bosses will get you what you want:
  • More targeted views
  • A built in audience for your videos
  • A community of brand ambassadors
  • More traffic and leads
  • And the ability for your videos will be found on YouTube by your ideal customers
And here’s the great thing – I know time is money, and money is time, so I wanted to make this course as efficient and accessible as possible – you can complete this entire course in under 4 hours!!


Sign up today and I will  show you every single step of the process to getting your videos seen by your ideal customers. Let’s get started!

See you on the inside, Boss!


Are you looking to scale your business and you know online courses are the answer, but you’re afraid no one will buy from you and you’ll follow the wrong steps?  

Are you ready to turn your expertise into extra income while increasing your impact and leaving behind a legacy to be proud of? Do you crave freedom and flexibility in your business in order to put more focus on the things your love like friends, family and your favourite activities?  

Join me in this 3-hour action-packed training to discover how to create, launch, & promote your first online course AND learn how to maintain momentum by continuing to bring in revenue long term!


SO What’s Included in the Boss Course Blueprint:

  • >> 6 Steps to Discovering What You Should Be Selling And What Your Ideal Customer is Seeking From You. I Will Walk You Through A Series Of Exercises That Will Help You Ensure That Your Product Is Wanted By Your Target Audience And I Will Demonstrate How To Create and Leverage a Focus Group To Sell To.
  • >> 7 Steps To Creating Your First Online Course. This Phase Will Walk You Through The Entire Course Creation Blueprint I Have Used to Sell Over $400,000K in less than 9 Months. From Concept, To Naming Your Product, To Creating Your Course Content And Building The Actual Course I Have Got You Covered!
  • >> 4 Steps To Determine The Correct Value of Your Product To Ensure You Are Reaching Your Financial Goals While Also Selling At A Price Your Target Audience Is Willing To Pay For.
  • >> Take The Guess Work Out Of Selling And Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want To Hear. I Will Take You Through All Of My Strategies To Build Your Own Traffic Machine And Build Your Own Customer Database Organically.
  • >> 5 Steps To A Successful Pre-Launch. You’ve Already Left A Trail Of Breadcrumbs To Targeted Customer Database, Now It’s Time To Build A Momentum Machine That Will Have Them So Starved For Your Product They Can’t Wait To Buy What You’re Selling.
  • >> 5 Steps To Perfecting Your Actual Launch. From Creating A High Converting Sales Page, To Perfecting Your Pitch, Creating Your Launch Content, Writing Your Email Sequence And Marketing Your Product With Facebook Ads, I will Take You Through My Entire Launch Process From Start To Finish. This Is Something You Don’t Want To Miss!
  • >> The Launch Is Over, So Now What? Take The Guess Work Out Of What To Do With Your New Students, And Overall Numbers. I Am Going To Walk You Through The Best Tactics I’ve Used To Ensure You’re Using This New Data And Information To Maximize Your Outcome.
  • >> Now Let’s Create Your Evergreen Machine! I’m Showing How You Can Take This New Product And Turn It Into Recurring Revenue For Your Business And Your Life Long Term!

I’ve Created The Boss Course Blueprint Masterclass Which Will..

  • Take You From Content Creation, To Pre-Launch, To Launching And Then Promotion. This 3-Hour Masterclass Covers Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your First Online Course!
  • Demonstrate How To Package Up Your Current Expertise To Allow You To Reach A Wider Audience & Leave Behind A Legacy That You’re Proud Of.
  • Reveal How To Maintain The Momentum Of A Launch And Start Creating Consistent, Passive Income Into Your Business Long Term! 


  • EMAIL SWIPE FILES: From Pre-Launch to Post-Launch I Am Hand Delivering All Of My Email Swipe Files I Have Used to Generate Over $400K Through Course Launches & Email Marketing!
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE BOSS COURSE CREATORS FACEBOOK GROUP: This Is A Private Facebook Group For Everyone Who Is In The Masterclass. Here We Can All Support Each Other During Our Course Creation Process. We’ll Be Sharing Tips, Tricks And Industry Secrets For How To Create And Promote Your Course Like A Pro! A Safe Hub Where Like-Minded Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, And Creators Can Come For Support And Brainstorm Launching Their Online Courses!
  • 1 MONTH FREE THINKIFIC MEMBERSHIP TRIAL: ThinkIfIc Is By Far My Course Creation Platform Of Choice! They Are Going To Offer All Masterclass Students 1 Month Free Of Their Business Plan (Regularly $99/Month)This Is HUGE!!
  • HOW TO BUILD THE PERFECT OPT-IN: We Will Cover Everything You Need To Know In Order To Create The Perfect Opt-In. From Content, To Design, To Set Up, To Email Integration And Testing, We Will Show You Step-By-Step How To Turn Your Audience Into Actual Leads And Customers.
  • FACEBOOK AD CHEAT SHEET: Facebook Ad Marketing May Seem A Tad Overwhelming At First. This Is Why I Put Together A Step-By-Step Guide To Walk You Through The Basics Of Targeting Your Warm Traffic With Facebook Ads. I Will Show You The 4 Audiences Everyone MUST Have AND Exactly How To Create Them. I Will Then Walk You Through How To Track These Audiences With Your Facebook Tracking Pixel And How To Set Up Your Custom Conversions. Next, To Ensure Your Ad’s Are Optimized & Converting To Their Full Potential, I Will Go Over My Exact Facebook Ad Guidelines. This Includes Your Video/Image Requirements, Your Copy Guidelines And Actionable Homework Items To Get You Working On Your Next High Converting Facebook Ad. Finally, I Will Show You, Step-By-Step, How I Actually Set Up My Facebook Ads For All Of My Course Launches. PLUS You Will Get A Copy Of My Facebook Ad Audience & Facebook Ad Copy Excel Tracking Templates To Ensure Your Ad Process is As Organized And Seamless As Possible.



How Is The Content Delivered? 

  • Upon Signing Up, You Will Be Invited to Join Myself, Sunny Lenarduzzi, For The 3-Hour Live Training Session
  • The Content is Delivered By Video That You Can Watch Time And Time Again. Additional Resources Are Provided via PDFs, Cheat sheets, and Videos.

Who Is This For?

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Content Creators, Social Media Strategists or Personal Brands Who Are Looking to Streamline Their Current Business Model by Creating an Online Course in Order to Create Financial Freedom
  • Individuals Who Are Looking to Package Their Expertise Into a Product That They Can Sell Over And Over Again
  • Someone Who is Looking to Reach and Serve a Wider Audience
  • Anyone Who Is No Longer Wanting to Exchange Time For Dollars And Instead, Start to Generate An Income Based on Their Knowledge & Expertise
  •  If You Are Someone Who Has a Message That You Know Can Change Someone Else’s Business And/Or Life, You Just Need The Medium to Reach Them
  • Creators Who Want to Learn How to Create, Launch, Market, and Promote An Online


The Be Your Own Boss Store is officially open!

Be Your Own BossI am so proud of the community that we have built through the Be Your Own Boss Facebook Mastermind group. This group of entrepreneurs, content creators, and overall incredible individuals has changed my life and my business and it’s because of them that we have created The Be Your Own Boss Store!

You asked for it, so we answered! We have created all of the BOSS swag just for you! We have hats, sweaters, coffee mugs, bags, you name it! So make sure to check it out by clicking right HERE!! 

Make sure to let us know if you have recommendations or preferences in products! You can email support@sunnylenarduzzi.com