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Hew boss, it’s Sunny Lenarduzzi,

So you know you should be using social media for your business, but you have no idea what to post. Does this sound familiar at all?

I feel your pain, I really do, but posting online shouldn’t be painful, so here are my top three tips for what you should share on social media.

Tip number one is what I like to call conscious sharing

What that means is that you’re actually mindful and strategic about what you post on social media and you ask yourself four questions before you post anything. The four questions to want to ask yourself are:

  1. Is this helpful to my ideal target audience?
  2. Who is this for? Are you posting something personally for yourself or is it for your business? Inside jokes and super personal posts are never going to preform well with your target audience and customers?
  3. Is this true or are you exaggerating the truth a little bit and is it a little off-brand for what you should be posting?
  4. What is the goal of this piece of content? Is it to drive sales? Are you trying to get more people on your customer list? There should be some kind of a goal attached to your piece of content and you just need to make sure that you’re somehow, some way, portraying that in your post.

Tip number two is content tiers

It can be super overwhelming thinking about all the things you could post on social that it almost paralyzes you into posting nothing. I like to organize your content online into three categories or three content tiers. It’s inspiration, education, and community. This will help guide you in posting more frequently and gathering content to post on a regular basis.

Inspirational content is going to make people feel something in some way, shape or form and inspire them into action or inspire them into engaging with you.

Educational content works really well, especially here on YouTube because you’re teaching people something that they need to know and it helps you show up in search, especially, again, on a platform like YouTube. Educational content is a great way to build momentum on any platform when you’re just starting out. How-tos, tips, tricks, quick tips, and tutorials, and then community content showcases your community, so if you have customers already for your business, showcase your community members on your social platforms. You can use the content that they’re posting on your platforms if it features your business.

Tip number three is leverage your top performers.

Now what the heck does that mean? It means pay attention to your analytics, but more importantly, pay attention to your engagement on your content. If you have certain pieces of content that totally spike and get way more comments and likes and shares, pay attention to what that content is about because that’s a really good clue as to other kinds of content you can make that are similar. Say you do an educational how-to series and people just eat it up and love it. Make more of those. Or say you post a sunset picture and people love it. Post more of those. Whatever is peaking your performance on social media, you want to do more of that. It’s a pretty simple trick but it really does work, so make sure you are paying attention to your engagement and to your analytics because it will guide your content moving forwards.

I have one bonus tip which is the six degrees of separation strategy. If you haven’t heard this before, it’s one of my favorite tools that I use for my content, for my clients’ and students content as well. What it means is you don’t have to post directly about your business. You can post six degrees of separation away from your business and have it still attract your target audience. For example in my business, the core is video marketing and social media. I teach entrepreneurs how to be more visible with video marketing and social media, however my content on all my platforms talks about entrepreneurship, about mindset, about technology, and about educational tips and tricks. I feature mentors and I feature people that inspire me. I even feature a bit of my personal life. So all those things are six degrees of separation away from the core of my business, but they still attract my target audience.

I have another bonus tip. Shocking.  I wanted to make this because one big question I get asked is how much should you post on social. This bonus tip is a loose guide, but a helpful guide of how much you should be posting on each platform. On Facebook, the ideal is a minimum of one time per day and a max of two times per day. On Instagram, one to three times per day is perfect, up to ten times on Twitter per day because it is such a fast-moving medium and you can’t really bombard your audience too much on Twitter. Once per week on YouTube is how I’ve gotten to place that I’m at. If it’s a quality piece of content, focus on the quality of your video, the quality of your optimization, and once per week can get you really fast growth and momentum. With stories, like Instagram stories or SnapChat, you can do that all day every day because it’s so easy to create and you aren’t bombarding people in a feed, that they have to consciously go and click on your story. Stories are a great way to post even more content without being overboard and a little too much.

Now you know what to post on social and how often, but you probably want to get things organized so you have a plan in place. If you haven’t grabbed my content calender yet I have my free content calender template, you can download here.

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