The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Happy Halloween! Welcome to the dark side, boss. There are certain things about social media that kill me. Literally, I’m dead. You’ve killed me. So, I need to address them, and until I confess these sins on everyone’s behalf, I’m not going to be able to come back to life. I need you to comment with all of your social media sins, and what you think the biggest crimes are, when it comes to being online.

These are the seven deadly sins of social media.

Sin #1: lust. The thirst is real, and if you’re only posting for likes, you are bound to get caught up in constantly trying to get more and more double taps on your content. But here’s the thing: the only way to actually get engagement online is to engage back and to create a community by posting quality content that either entertains, educates or inspires. So, instead of lusting for likes, focus on creating content that is actually going to be beneficial to your audience, because if you are just doing it for the likes, you are only posting for external gratification, and that, perhaps, is the biggest sin of all.

Sin #2: gluttony. To avoid being a social media glutton, there are two things to remember. One: don’t over post. If you are just posting to post, without an actual purpose, you will murder your account’s engagement, and the final step of this is: don’t just jump on hashtags or trending topics, if you haven’t done your research. This has slayed more brands than I can even mention here.

Part two of not being a social media glutton is: don’t over consume. Now, I feel like this goes without saying, but … Sorry, one second. That’s a nice comment. So cute! What was I saying? Oh yeah. Don’t over consume. It kills your personality, and it kills your productivity. Just one second.

Sin #3: greed. Make it rain! When did we all become so obsessed with money? What I would like to say about this, is if you are only using social media to sell, and to flaunt the cash that you’re making, you are kinda missing the point of social media.

Sin #4: sloth. If you are going to be on social media, be on social media. The biggest sin, and the fastest way for your audience to ghost you, is if you stop responding to their comments, and if you are inconsistent in posting. It breaks all trust with your community, and why would we want to show up for somebody who isn’t showing up for us?

Sin #5: wrath. Trolls, I’m talking to you. What I need to say to you, is if you are on social media, to be an asshole, you might not want to be on it. That is not the purpose of social media. It’s built for healthy discussion, healthy debates, and helpful information. Okay? Okay.

Sin #6: envy. So, if you are sitting there watching other people and being on your phone, and envying or being jealous of someone else’s success, I challenge you to stop scrolling and start creating your own.

Sin #7: pride. If you are taking a holier-than-thou approach to social media and think you can become an overnight expert, nobody in the world who is the best at what they do became an expert overnight. So, invest in education. Invest in resources. Invest in mentors, and be honest and authentic about where you really are in your experience, because if you are building your brand or your business on a pedestal of pride, it is built to break.

Okay boss, I am running out of time. I’ve given you so much time to confess your sins. Have you confessed your sins? Have you? Have you? Have you? Oh! You’ve brought me back to life.

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