0 to 100,000 YouTube Subscribers In Under 12 Months 


Speaking From Experience...

If we haven’t officially met, my name is Sunny Lenarduzzi, and I know YouTube. Not only have I grown my channel to over 100,000 subscribers, I’ve also helped thousands of entrepreneurs share their genius with the world using YouTube. 

9 Steps to Growing Your YouTube Channel, Becoming the Authority in Your Industry, and Building a Loyal Tribe For Life!

These YouTube strategies have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition by teaching you:


How to properly research before you record in order to gain the traction & engagement your video content deserves!

Competitive Analysis 

How to find out what your potential audience wants to learn from you. This is where you turn on detective mode and start studying the influencers in your space to guide your content in the right direction.  

The Key to Keywords

Tactics to choosing the right keywords and knowing what to do with them!  


What Can You Achieve with These YouTube Strategies?

Uploading YouTube videos every week with no strategy behind it isn't going to help you crush your goals and get the traction and those views you oh so badly desire.  

With these 9 simple steps, you’ll be able to optimize your channel and every single video you publish in order to finally see the growth and results you deserve! The bigger you grow your channel, the wider your reach and authority becomes, therefore, the more positive impact you can have in this world! I’m honoured to be your guide!

The V.I.R.A.L Factor

This is what I like to call the secret sauce of standing out on YouTube. I’m asked all of the time, “how do I go VIRAL?!”. And my response is in this guide!!

Scripting for Success 

You might not think that the script of your videos plays a part in your growth on YouTube, but it certainly does! I’m going to show you the basic script structure to follow for success on YouTube!

Share, Share, Share

When you publish a video on YouTube, the work doesn’t stop there! I’m going to demonstrate exactly where and how you should be distributing you video the second you hit PUBLISH!

Engagement & Authority

I’m diving head first into how to build channel authority & get that channel engagement you oh so badly need, want & deserve!


About the Author

Hey! I'm Sunny. It's great to meet you.  

I help entrepreneurs show up in front of their ideal customers and become the go-to expert in their industry using YouTube marketing. My unique YouTube strategy is built to create automated lead generation for your business, while also building your brand. This results in lifetime ROI without spending a dime on advertising.  

These methods have been used by thousands of entrepreneurs across the world in all different industries and have been proven time and time again to deliver game-changing results. 

Linda Raynier, Career Strategist | Speaker | Coach 

Epic Content!!

"From the time I started YouTube For Bosses to now, which was about 12 months ago, I went from 50 subscribers to now over 100,000 and counting and it’s all because of YouTube for Bosses. Sunny's YouTube strategies have allowed me to get a clear strategy and know exactly what I needed to have in my videos in order to get the views I needed, and to get the traction in my business.  

I’m getting more and more clients that are coming to me from having watched my videos on YouTube, I’m getting speaking opportunities from people who have watched my videos, and on top of that, I’m being seen as a true thought leader and expert in my area of expertise and it’s all thanks to Sunny’s YouTube approach!" 

Linda Raynier, Career Strategist | Speaker | Coach 

Monashee Alonso, Branding | Content | Social Media | Coach 

Amazing teachings!

"All of Sunny’s YouTube trainings are AMAZING! She gives you the exact steps you need to take so that you are doing what you need to get your videos seen and found in search, and how to optimize them for marketing on social media.  

Her program was the best decision I’ve ever made in my business. The information is gold. It is exactly what you need to do. Sunny is so thorough in all of the videos and everything just drops in together super quickly." 

Monashee Alonso, Branding | Content | Social Media | Coach 

9 Steps to Growing Your YouTube Channel, Becoming the Authority in Your Industry, and Building a Loyal Tribe For Life!