My Letter to You.

Hey you. Yeah, you. Thanks for being here. I have something I want to celebrate with you.

I wanted to talk to you, all 100,000 of you, because what I’ve realized is that without you, nothing really matters. We’re not that different. We’re both human, we both have a heart and a brain, and we’re both capable of whatever we want, so how do you achieve the things that you’ve always dreamed of? You start and you don’t stop. Period.

Whether you’re after 100,000 subscribers or a million, building the business of your dreams, being a pro athlete, winning an Oscar, or traveling the world, or even just a banging beach body, I wrote you a little love letter so that you never forget that you can do this and you will. You will.

Dear you,

You hear that little voice in your head telling you you’re meant for a life beyond your wildest dreams?

Listen to it and believe it and then do everything in your power to achieve it. Yes, it takes real work. Any success story is built on hard work. Don’t believe anyone who tells you this journey is a walk in the park. Your success depends on your ability to believe in yourself even when no one else believes in you. Trust me. The people who doubt you or make fun of you in the beginning will soon be asking if you’re hiring.

When you fail, fail fast and get up faster. Resiliency is what separates the champs from the chumps. You are worthy of all of the wins. You are worthy of achieving your dreams and being stupid happy. Don’t be afraid of success. Be afraid of sitting on your deathbed knowing that you never even tried to get what you really want.

Learn. Learn everything you can about what you want to do. Be a sponge. We live in a world where everything is googleable, so start diving into what you want to do and what you need to know in order to do it. Whatever it may be, do it. Educating yourself is the best investment you can make in your success.

Do it.

Push the needle one by one. If one person is taking the time to listen to you, talk to you, cheer you on, don’t take that for granted. Show gratitude to anyone who takes the time to show up for you by showing up for them.

Have faith. It is all going to be okay. As long as you follow your joy, there will be bumps in the road, but the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, will steer you back on track. Trust me on this one.

You are a boss. You sitting there watching me right now, you are the CEO of your life, so you better start acting like it, because nobody else cares about your joy, success, and happiness as much as you do. From one boss to another, go start and don’t stop until you’re proud.




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