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Hey bosses, it’s Sunny Lenarduzzi and I’m so happy to back. This is the first video of 2017 and I’ve been waiting a long time to make this video. What’s this video about? Well you might be thinking, “Ugh, Sunny, another goal-setting video? Everyone and their dog is talking about goal-setting in January.” I’m not talking about goal-setting, I’m talking about goal-sticking. We’re going to flip the script and talk about creating goals that you actually stick to. What an idea. I can only talk about this because I’ve proven that these methods work, because I’ve done them for myself. I went through years of setting goals just like everybody else, and then a month in, forgetting about them. That’s why I want to show you in today’s video exactly how you can stick to your goals and make them happen this year.

These are the exact methods I used to reach my first six figure year in my business, hire out a team, be featured in major publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur, and speak at sold-out speaking engagements. Plus a whole lot more. Make sure you watch until the very end, because I have a very special bonus guide on how you can slay this year and slay your fears.

Tip number one, is write them down and visualize them. I’m a big believer that nothing can really happen and no goal will actually stick unless you have it written down and it gets out of your head and becomes a real thing. Just write them down, and I break them down into five categories. Every New Year’s Eve, but you can do this anytime, I sit down and write down my goals in five categories. It starts with business, things like “What kind of team do I want to build at over the next year? What kind of press features do we want to get? What you our financial goals as a business?” The next thing is finances, so leading right into that, so personal, “How much money would I like to put away and save? Where do I want to allocate my funds personally?” Those kind of things. Then I do health and fitness, so that’s one category together. “What are my lifestyle, diet, fitness goals? How many time per week will I be going to the gym? What are the results I want to get?” Then personal relationships, family, friends, boyfriend, “What do I want to do this year? And how am I going to make those relationships the best that they can be?” Date nights, or making sure that I have a girls night once a month, or having coffee with my dad. Those are all things that need to be including. Then finally, probably most importantly, is self-love. Vacation time, me time, making sure that I’m including that in every single day, and making those things goals that I can achieve week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-over-year. You want to make sure that you actually visualize these goals, and make sure that they align with what you really want in your gut, and how do they feel. Close your eyes, think about all of these different things that you want to plan out for the next year, and if they’re not totally aligned with what you really want and you’re basing your goals on what other people want, then go back, readjust, and repeat until you have exactly which goals you want in each category.

Tip number two is break your goals down. It’s great to think big when you’re planning your goals, and setting you’re goals, I love that, but if you leave them as these big, huge, audacious goals, we all get overwhelmed and we just kind of give up on them. The only way to actually achieve those big goals is to break them down into smaller tasks that you can do on a day-to-day basis. I like to break them down by amount, time, and deadline. For example, if it’s a financial goal, I want to say how much I’m putting away per day, or per week, or per month to hit that financial goal, if it’s a savings goal. If it’s time, you want to make sure that you’re allocating and actually putting in your calendar time for those specific goals. If I want to have one coffee date a month with my dad, then I need to make sure that I’m setting aside an hour a month and actually put it in my calendar and set it up with him, so I don’t miss it. Amount, time, and then deadlines are so important, because a goal without a deadline is just a dream, and it’s never going to actually be achieved. Make sure that you set tangible deadlines again, and put them in your calendar, so you know when you want to hit these goals by, and then you can do a work-back schedule to achieve them.

Tip number three is following up on tip number two, and that’s to just schedule them. Every single goal that you have, put them in your calendar, even if it’s not a meeting with somebody else, to keep yourself accountable you want to write your goals in your calendar, in your iCal, in your Outlook, whatever you use so that it’s a reminder to yourself that you do have these things that you want to achieve and hit, and like I said, use that work-back schedule. What does a work-back mean? It means seeing the goal, seeing the deadline, when you want to achieve it by, and then working backwards and seeing every single day what you need to achieve whether it’s a phone call, setting up a meeting, creating some sort of technical program that you can use to achieve these goals. Those are the things that you need to put into your calendar every single day so you can build up to that end-goal. Make sure all of your goals are scheduled.

Tip number four is probably the thing that keeps me most accountable and most on track to sticking to my goals. That’s making it a part of my morning routine. If you’re not a morning person, if you have just a daily routine, make it a part of your daily routine. I always recommend printing out a physical copy, or if you’ve written out your goals by hand, having that copy or another copy of it somewhere. I keep it beside my bed so every single morning, when I first wake up, I meditate and then I look at my goals, every morning. Because again, it keeps you accountable, and it gives you that ‘why’. If you don’t have a reason to get out of bed every day, and a purpose that’s driving you, and a goal that you’re working towards, it’s kind of hard to get motivated. Every morning, even if I’m so tired, when I look at my goals it reminds me of what I’m working for and what I’m working towards, and I’m instantly motivated.

Tip number five is accountability, I’ve mentioned that word a few times because it’s key in actually achieving your goals. Not only do you want to write your goals down and get them out of your head, but you want to tell people so they can also keep you accountable. Now don’t tell everyone, unless you’re ready for a lot of people kind of nagging you about it, and that works for some people. I’ve seen people put their fitness goals on social media, or use apps to track it with their friends. If that works for you and keeps you motivated, go ahead and do that because that’s a lot more people keeping you accountable. Or you can just tell a really close friend or family member, tell them exactly when your deadlines are and when you want to reach them, and they’ll be your accountability partner through the entire thing.

The next thing you can do, which is a really cool idea, and something that I’ve seen a lot of people do successfully is vlog about it. Vlog, or create a blog about your goals. Because again, that’s going to keep you accountable to yourself, because you constantly have to create the content, but it also shares your story with a lot of other people, and it’s going to inspire others and also keep them as your cheerleaders moving forward.

The next thing you can do is comment below this video and get it out of your head for the first time maybe, of what you want to do this year, what is your big goal you want to achieve this year, and what’s one tiny task that you can do today to start getting towards that goal.

Finally, make sure that you join the ‘be your own boss mastermind group’ on Facebook. It’s filled with thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs, from all over the world, with big goals, and we’re all supporting each other in achieving our dreams and living lives on our own terms. I’m in there supporting you all the way as well.

Now you know what you need to do to make your goals stick, and I want to know how I can help you achieve your goals this year. I put together a really, really quick, less than two minute survey, the link is right HERE and I want your feedback on what your big goals are this year, and what you want to hear from me and how I can help you. It’s going to help me tailor my YouTube content, my emails, my social posts, so I’m giving you guys exactly what you need to get to your goals this year. Take two minutes out of your day and fill out that survey for me pretty please.

Thank you so much, it’s really going to be for you at the end of the day, because all the content will be better tailored to you. What’s the only thing standing between you and your goals? I will see you guys next time, thanks for watching. Happy 2017.

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