How to Promote your YouTube Videos

Hey, I’m Sunny Lenarduzzi. Today I’m going teach you how to promote your YouTube videos for more views and subscribers on your channel.

When you publish a video on YouTube, the work has really just begun. These are my six steps to take immediately after you publish your video, to ensure that you get the views that you deserve. As a reminder, that first 24 hours of when your video goes live on YouTube, are the most vital.

Step #1 – Email

Step number one is to simply distribute your video by e-mail. I know that sounds pretty basic, but it makes a big difference. I know you want lots of views and lots of subscribers, but if you’re a new channel particularly, you have to start somewhere. When I first started my channel from scratch, I was sending my videos to my family and friends in just simple e-mails every single week. If you have an e-mail list, even better. Every time I publish a video, I’m sending that video out to my e-mail list as added value, that’s going to help them and create a better relationship with them as well.

Step #2 – Live streams

This is so important, especially now. It’s doing Live steams. What I want you to do is go Live on Facebook particularly, and on Instagram. Why does this work so well? In the first 24 hours, if you can do a Live stream and tell people to go watch your new video on YouTube, going Live is the best way to grab people’s attention in the moment, and get them to take action.

You want to make sure you have the link to your YouTube video and put it on the comments on your Instagram Live, or put it in the description and comments on your Facebook Live. What you also want to do is include a Call to Action in your Live stream to say, Make sure you go watch my new YouTube video, and leave a comment asking them a specific question, so they know exactly what to comment with. The more comments and engagement that you get in that first 24 hours on your YouTube video, the higher your video is going to rank.

If you want more tips on how to rank your videos on page one of YouTube, you can check out my video “How to Rank #1 in YouTube”.

Step #3 – Twitter

Step number three is posting your YouTube video on Twitter. Even if you have two followers on Twitter, that’s still two people who might go watch your video. It’s really getting the awareness out there of what your video is about. The best way to draw attention on Twitter is by sharing your video thumbnail. If you look at the cluttered news feed on Twitter, it’s hard to just pay attention to a simple text tweet. What you want to add to it is either a video, or a graphic. My favorite go-to is either adding a video teaser that leads to my full length YouTube video, or just putting my thumbnail, so I grab lots of attention and real estate within the news feed.

Step #4 – Instagram

Step number four is sharing your video in your Instagram story, and in your profile, so you know where to drive people to actually be able to click on the link. As you know, in an Instagram post, in the caption, you can’t actually link to your video. What you want to do is in your post, on your Instagram profile, say, Go check out my story, to get more view on your story, and grab the link from there so you can link in your story to your YouTube video. Or, you can say, Grab the link in my profile. The bonus of putting your link in your profile is every new follower, that’s the link they’re going to go tap on, which is going to drive even more views for your video, and potentially more subscribers.

Step #5 – Facebook Messenger Bot

Step number five, and this is something that I’ve been playing with quite a bit lately, is sending out a Facebook Messenger bot with a link to your new video. It’s almost seen as another e-mail list. You can send out a Messenger bot notifying all of your followers on your Facebook page, or anyone that subscribes to your chat bot. P.S. I made a whole tutorial about how to create a Facebook Messenger chat bot, so check that out and start using this to promote your videos. All you need to do is send out a broadcast that includes a reason to watch the video and a link to the video. That’s going to drive your Facebook traffic to your YouTube video as well.

Step #6 – Reddit, forums, Facebook groups, blogs

Finally, step number six. Make sure that you’re posting your video in a non-spammy way to places like Reddit, forums, Facebook groups, and even in comments that are relevant on certain blog topics. If you are a travel blogger and you’re talking about your recent trip to England and you happen to come across another blogger who’s written a post on her recent trip to England, you can comment and say, I loved your review and here’s my video review of my experience. That’s related, it’s relevant, and it’s not spammy. Find an authentic way to be able to share your video with like-minded communities and forums.

Remember, like I said, the best way to get more views on your YouTube videos and to drive more subscribers, is to rank on page one of YouTube. I’m teaching you how to do that in one of my videos on my channel.

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