How to Make YouTube Videos For Beginners

Hey, bosses. Today I’m going to show you how to make a YouTube video the right way. Now you might be thinking, “there’s a wrong way?” – Yeah, there’s a wrong way. I’m a prime example of how to make videos the wrong way because I used to do it. I used to make vlogs way back in the day, if you go really far on my channel, please don’t, it’s embarrassing, you’ll find some of my old vlogs. You’ll see they don’t have that many views on them, and the views that they do have now mostly come because my channel grew so fast because I started making my videos the right way.

My old vlogs, I would post them every week. I wasn’t really getting any views on them and no traction. I got really frustrated. Then I gave up, and I stopped making videos. About a year later I made a tutorial. I made my first tutorial on YouTube. It was about how to use Periscope for your business, and it was because all of my social media clients kept asking me the same questions over and over again. I figured it’s easier to make a video about it and send it to all of them than answer individually. I made this tutorial, and then all of a sudden I have a thousand views within the first week and then 2,000 and then 600,000. It grew so, so fast. In less time I had hundreds of thousands of views on this tutorial video and still only a couple hundred views on those vlogs that I had done in the past because I was making those videos the wrong way.

I figured it out by making mistakes, but now I know how you make YouTube videos that people are actually going to watch and how to make YouTube videos the right way. That’s what I want to share with you, so you don’t have to make all of the same mistakes I did and feel that frustration. That’s what I’m going to show you today, my three steps to making YouTube videos the right way.

Step #1: Is tease. No matter what kind of a video you’re making, whether it is a tutorial or a review or a vlog, whatever video you’re making, you have to tease the end result of that video. If it’s an entertainment-based video, tell them there’s something really exciting coming up, a blooper or a highlight in the video. Tease it at the very beginning, because if there’s anything that you walk away from this video with, I want you to know YouTube is all about retention. You need people to watch your entire video. That’s what retention means, getting them to stay tuned through the entire video because that tells YouTube and Google it’s quality content that people want to watch, therefore they’re going to rank it higher, and therefore you’re going to get seen by a lot more people.

Step #2: Is engage. This means a few different things. First of all, give your audience what they want and give them information that only you know, and have to share with them. You’re the expert at what you do. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you create. You want to make sure your content is unique to you. Engage your audience by giving them the kind of content that they actually want to see by listening on all the different platforms that you’re on to what they’re asking you about most. Make sure that throughout the video you have call to actions, so that they can actually engage with you throughout the video. Again, that’s another way to keep your retention super high.

Whether it’s the meat of your tutorial, or a step-by-step process that people need to follow. If it’s step-by-step, that’s a great way to increase retention because that’s going to keep people tuned in because they have to watch each step in order to do what they need to do or share insider information that they can’t get anywhere else and make that the middle of your video. Again, it keeps people tuned in because they know that they’re not going to find this content anywhere else. Also, behind-the-scenes content keeps people engaged in your video because again, you’re the only one that can show them that. To really simplify this concept, keep your audience engaged and engage your audience by sharing things that only you can share. Try and share them in sequential order as in storyboard them out and make sure that it’s a streamlined story that people have to tune into the entire thing for in order to get the end results.

Step #3: Is ask your audience. What do I mean by this? It’s twofold. I have to things that I do at the end of every single video to ensure that people aren’t just watching my video and then forgetting about my channel, and forgetting about me and the video. You’ve probably watched 100 different videos, and you don’t remember who actually was showing you the information. How do you get people to watch you over, and over and over again and keep coming back to your channel? You make a YouTube video the right way, and this is the third step to doing that.

The first ask that you have for your audience is your conversion call to action. You want to make sure that your viewers, all of them, are turning into potential customers or turning into fans and followers of yours across all platforms. How do you do that? Your conversion call to action is something along the lines of make sure you go to my website to get exclusive weekly emails that you can only find at or whatever your website might be. They sign up for your email address, you communicate with them week to week. Then you’re engaging them for the long-term, and they become viewers over, and over and over again or send them to your other social platforms. Maybe you’re running a contest on Instagram. Get them to go enter their and follow you. Again, this is getting people to follow you everywhere and become a part of your community everywhere, so you can continue to build that audience week over week.

The second ask is your engagement call to action. Another big clue to YouTube or Google that your content is amazing and that they should rank it really high, meaning more people will see it, is high engagement which are called signals. What you want to do is at the end of your video your engagement call to action needs to make sure that you’re including these three things: like the video, share the video, comment on the video.

A little bonus tip, like your own content. I like all my videos first because that gives people a social signal in their head that somebody else liked it, I should like it too. That’s a great way to kick things off especially if you’re a new channel. Don’t be ashamed to like your own content, and also be the first to comment on your content, and ask a question to spur conversation and get even more comments.

Two asks. The first is a conversion call to action. Get people onto your website, your email list, onto your other social platforms, build your community, build your brand. The second thing is your engagement call to action. Like, comment and share this YouTube video. Funny enough, that’s what I’m going to ask you to do right now. If you liked this video, hit the like button below. Share it with your friends and be sure to subscribe. Now you have everything you need to make a YouTube video the right way, but if you don’t know how to edit it, you can’t really make the video, right?


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