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Hey Bosses! Today I want to simplify how you use YouTube to attract your ideal customers all day and all night! I know that starting a channel, trying to figure out what you’re going to talk about, and figuring out how do to even make a video can all be very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you realize how easy it is to use YouTube for your business, you’re going to wonder why you started so late.

Before we dive into the details, I want to cover some fundamentals here. It is not about how many views you get, it is about the quality of the views that you get. Yes, people can go viral. Yes, you can get a million views on a video, but if those videos are coming from all different sources and random people, and random areas and people who aren’t interested in buying any sort of product or service, it really doesn’t matter. A hundred views of qualified customers is more beneficial to your business than having a million views from random people all over the world.

Next is something that not a lot of people talk about, it’s actually the mindset around YouTube. Before you start your channel, its important not to get hung up on the small details. I’ve been there on not having the right equipment, not having the right back drop, not having the right lighting, but here’s what I want you to remember. I started my channel and started doing tutorials with a webcam, and I used natural light, and I just shot the videos in my apartment which actually hasn’t changed. I still use bare minimum equipment, really no equipment at all. I didn’t go out and invest in a DSLR camera, because it didn’t make a difference. The quality of the content that you’re sharing with people is more important than the quality of the camera that you’re using to film with. Get started with what you have.

The second thing to remember, is you don’t need to be a seasoned broadcaster to succeed on YouTube. Actually most people on YouTube who do really well are YouTubers, so they don’t have a background in broadcast journalism or anything like that, they just know how to communicate a message clearly to their audience, and either entertain, inspire or educate their audience, so that people walk away from their videos feeling good about themselves. It’s the content that you’re sharing and how it impacts people that matters the most to your success on YouTube, by how you can use it for your business.

Let’s dive into the 4 P’s of using YouTube for your business.

We’re going to start with, “purpose”. If you don’t know why you’re here, it’s going to be hard to actually build your business using YouTube. I want to break this down into 3 categories. The best way to succeed on YouTube is to do one of these 3 categories with your content: educational, inspirational or entertainment-based. Those are the 3 categories that you want to align with and figure out which one aligns best with your business, but do keep in mind if you want to grow fast, and come out of the gates swinging, then you definitely want to start with educational content. Why? Because people are on YouTube to search for answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems. That’s why tutorials, how-tos, and reviews tend to do so well. If you stick with the educational niche within your business, that will help you grow the fastest on YouTube.

Here’s a few objections that I hear all the time. 1 is: I just want to make fun videos, and I just want to do vlogs, and whatever else.

Great, you can do vlogs. It’s a great way to build your community and also show a different more human side of your business, but know that they’re not going to gain as much traction in the beginning if you’re starting with no subscriber base as educational content will.

All right, P number 2 is, “pull”. I want to go into the theory of YouTube. As I just mentioned YouTube is really a search engine, and it’s owned by the largest search engine in the world.  That’s why when you search for different topics, you’ll see YouTube content come up as a search result in Google, because the more views that YouTube videos get, the more money that Google makes.

People search for content, you come up and you’re actually attracting customers in everyday and every night, all day and all night, so this is why it’s a pull strategy as opposed to other social platforms like Facebook or Instagram where you’re pushing content at your audience that’s already built in. Yes, there’s tricks to extend or me choosing specific hashtags and things like that, but on YouTube, if you’re using the right key words and you’re optimizing your content, you’re actually pulling in thousands of new potential customers who have never heard of you before.

How do you actually optimize your content on YouTube to pull in your potential customers from all over the world? Well, there’s a couple of ways that you can do it, and if you want a more in-depth description of how you can do this, make sure that you check out my video about how to get more views on YouTube, I break down every step of the process of optimizing your video content, but here are a few keys.

The first thing you want to do is use Google keyword planner. You can use this tool to see how many people are actually searching for a specific keyword or topic every month, so that’s going to prove to you how many people around the world are looking for the kind of information that you want to provide. If there’s hundreds of people looking for that kind of content that’s potentially hundreds of new customers for you.

All right, P number 3. You probably guessed this one is profit. How do you turn your viewers on YouTube into actual paying customers? Well, here’s a little trick. You want to make sure that your script that you’re writing for your YouTube videos, and you can read it directly or you can just have a loose script which is what I do.

You want to make sure that it gets to the point quickly, because as I mentioned before, nobody is on YouTube looking for your business name, people aren’t going looking for Sunny Lenarduzzi, they’re looking for, “How to use Twitter, how to use Snapchat, how to get more views on YouTube”, and I just happened to answer the question for them.

The elements of a good YouTube video are really quick, in total may be 10 to 20 seconds. The meat of your content, especially if it’s an educational video, get into it quickly so people know exactly what they need to do and they can walk away from your video and be able to implement them into your business, because that’s going to make them a loyal fan to you for life. Then in your outro, this is where profit kicks in. You want to get them off of YouTube and onto your conversion site. What I mean by a conversion site is your website, an e-commerce store, an email list, wherever you can send them to continue harvesting a relationship with them, or to sell immediately off of YouTube. You can also send them to an affiliate link if you’re selling some sort of course or product that you’re going to get a commission from because again that’s going to drive sales for your business as well, so profit is obviously very important in growing your business using YouTube because without profit you don’t really have a business.

All right, so the 4th P is promote. You now have pulled in your audience using optimization, you know that you have a good call to action to drive your YouTube audience to another location where you can convert them into customers and you’re very, very clear on your purpose.

All right, now you know the 4 P’s of growing a wildly successful business using YouTube, but before you get started or even if you have a channel your first impression means everything. You need to make sure that you’ve set up your YouTube channel to make sure that people hit that subscribe button and want to become potential customers of your business and watch all of your video content. The only way to do that is to make sure you’re not not missing any of these vital steps that I have included in the BOSS YouTube Channel Checklist to make sure that you have a boss YouTube channel.

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