Tips to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Hey Bosses! Today I’m talking about how to increase your organic reach on Facebook. I’ve heard a lot of you complain about Facebook because you feel like you get zero reach on your posts. The issue with this is, Facebook is not going anywhere. It is the largest social network in the world and it’s only getting larger and bigger and better. So with that, we need to figure out how we can utilize it for our businesses and our brands moving forward. So here’s my top three tips for increasing your reach on Facebook, without having to spend any money.

Tip #1: Ask questions. Questions are an amazing way to increase engagement. They thing with Facebook is, the more engagement that your posts get, the more that they will benefit your page and your brand, because they know that people actually want to see your content if they’re commenting on it. So there’s two types of questions that I think work really well. They first is, getting your customers opinions. Ask them an either or question. People want to voice their opinion, so give them an outlet to do that. The second type of question you can use is a fill in the blank question. For example, you can say, “my favourite type of social media platform is _____”. Create a graphic to go along with this to increase the engagement because graphics perform better than just a text based post!

Tip #2: Video and Live Streaming. Video does perform better than other types of content on Facebook at the moment because that’s how the algorithm is working – so post more video content! You want it to be real and authentic, so it doesn’t have to be polished at all. Start doing a weekly live stream/video series so people will know to expect it and through time, will be more likely to show up and watch and be engaged. The more likes, comments and shares that you can get in the first hour, the more that Facebook will favour your content because they will see that it’s favourable to your audience. Make sure that you promote this live stream across all of your other social platforms as well. This will be sending all your warm traffic directly back to Facebook.

Tip #3: Timing is Everything. Do you really know when your target audience is on Facebook? Probably not. You really want to pay attention to your insights – this is a golden ticket to figuring out when you’re actually going to get engagement on your posts. Every business and brand is different, so you want to go into your insights and take a look at when your audience is most active, and cater your posts to those times.

It’s also important to pay attention to the trending hashtags on the right hand side of your newsfeed on Facebook. If you can capitalize on these, particularly with video content, you have an opportunity to expose your brand to millions of people. This is called “newsjacking”.


  1. Sharing is Caring: If you have a business with more than just you in it, post on your company page and share it on your personal page. Ask your friends and employees to also share it – the more sharing you can get done in the first hour on Facebook, the more beneficial to your page and your brand, because it will prove to Facebook that it’s quality content.
  1. The next thing you want to do is pay attention to content that’s already doing well: If you see a post that’s trending – BOOST that post. If you are going to spend any ad dollars, literally boost a post that’s working for you for $5 and it’s going to add gasoline to that fire and give you even more reach.
  1. Stay Active: The more active you are, the more Facebook will favour your brand in the news feeds. If you can try to post between 3-5 times a week, with highly curated and thought out content, that would be very beneficial to your brand.

I hope these tips help and I would love to see what you’re up to on Facebook, so if you want to leave your page name below this video that would be awesome so we can all follow and support one another!

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