How to Get Your First 1,000 YouTube Subscribers

Hey, I’m Sunny Lenarduzzi. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to get your first 1,000 YouTube subscribers real quick.

As someone who’s grown her YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to do the same, I’m going to share my five steps, like my secret sauce for exactly how to grow past your first 1,000 YouTube subscribers with some pretty simple actionable steps. Let’s dive in.

Tip number one is pretty straightforward, but a lot of you will miss this step. This is one thing that I am implemented very early on that skyrocketed my subscriber base. What is it? It’s a subscribe pop-up link, but before we get into this, I want to make sure that you have verified your channel. It unlocks some great opportunities, and just gets your YouTube channels started on the right note. I have a really quick tutorial on how to get your channel verified.

For this first step in creating your subscription pop-up link you do need to have your custom URL reserved, which means that you’re going to need more than 100 subscribers. If you have more than 100 subscribers you can secure your custom URL. If you don’t have more than 100 subscribers right now, don’t worry. The rest of this video will still apply to you. You can still put these tips into action.

For this first step, let’s dive into what your subscribe pop-up link actually looks like and how it’s going to increase your subscribers. This is what your subscriber pop-up link looks like.

It’s formatted with [USERNMAE], so what I’m going to put in here is, obviously, my username for my channel, which is Sunnylenarduzzi. You would add your channel name in here once you have secured your custom URL as I mentioned earlier. What does it do? Well, the benefit of sharing this link on all your social platforms and with all your friends and family when you’re starting your YouTube channel is that it actually pops up with the pop-up box, encouraging people to subscribe before they can watch any of your content.

Another addition to this subscribe link is actually adding it into every single video on your YouTube channel. This can take a matter of seconds, and surprise, I have an extra special bonus video I’ve created just for you to show you how to do this. It’s called Your Branding Watermark. It adds a little subscribe button to every single video on your channel.

Number two is when you upload your video, you optimize your video. Now, hearing the word optimize can seem a little daunting and overwhelming if you’re new to YouTube, and you’re just trying to build momentum in your subscriber base. All that optimization means is that you’re using keywords that your target audience is actually looking for in the title of your video and in the description of your video and actually saying I verbally in the intro and throughout the script of your video. Again, I have two videos I want you to watch after this that will help you really understand how to optimize your videos the right way. The first is How to Get More Views on YouTube. The second is How to Rank #1 on YouTube. I got into detail of how to actually upload and optimize your videos. Just to break it down really, really quickly, these are the basic steps of how to optimize each video that you upload to YouTube.

This is a behind-the-scenes of every video that I upload onto my YouTube channel and how I optimize them when I upload them. I’m going to walk you through these steps that you should be following when you do this. These are the basic steps. I’ve lots more information in other videos on my channel that I will link to below on exactly how to do this and go a little more in depth into it. First, I wanted to go through these steps.

First and foremost, metadata is probably a word that you’ve heard. It’s pretty simple to explain. All you need to do in this case is just put the keyword that is in the title of your video or that you want to be ranking for. Put that keyword in the actual raw file name of your file you’re uploading to YouTube. In this case, this video is about how to get more views on YouTube. The file name is More Views On YouTube.mp4, pretty simple. Second, this is the most important thing. If you don’t do this, you will not get found. You have to have your keyword in the title of your video. Period, end of story.

Next, you want to add your keyword also into the description of your video, which should be between 200 to 400 words. You’ll see that the very first line of my description reiterates the keyword in the title of my video just to really make it clear to Google and YouTube, that’s what this video is about. Then, I mention secondary keywords. Secondary keywords are keywords that have a high amount of search volume. Not as high as your main keyword and your title, but still a decent amount of search volume. You want to include those in the description of your video in a really organic way so it sounds like a normal paragraph and like something that you would actually say. You’re not just jamming keywords in there randomly. You’ll see that I have a, “How to get free YouTube views,” as a secondary keyword. That’s the keyword phrase that I know is being searched using Google keyword planner, which is something that I explain how to use in this video.

The next thing is getting a custom thumbnail. Now, I know your channel needs to be verified in order to access custom thumbnails, meaning you’re able to upload them. Lucky for you, I have an entire tutorial on how to do that as well. Verify your channel. Then, you’re able to access custom thumbnails and create them for your videos to make them stand out, so that when people are searching a specific topic, their eye goes to your video first, and they want to click on your video over somebody else’s. Again, more views, more subscribers for your channel by having a very distinctive custom thumbnail. This is important.

The next thing is tags. What I always say is that you want to add your keyword, your main keyword, in your title and in the tag. Then, I also recommend tagging the channels that are ranking number one for this topic right now. If you’re searching how to get more views on YouTube, you want to see the top two ranking videos on that topic. Whatever the channel names are for the first two ranked videos, you want to add those as tags because that’s going to help you show up in suggested search, so people will go to your video after their video.

Why do you need to upload and optimize each of your videos? Why can’t you just post it and all of a sudden get views and subscribers? Because YouTube has millions of videos uploaded to this platform every single day. If you don’t do these steps, your video gets lost in a sea of content. You’re going to have that disappointing feeling in putting all this effort into a video and getting no views, so let’s make sure that, that doesn’t happen. Watch those other resources that I’ve mentioned. Make sure you follow the steps that I just mentioned in the basics of optimizing each of your videos when you upload them.

Number three is share, share, share. Sharing is caring, and sharing will grow your subscriber base because here’s the thing. Just as I mentioned before, if people don’t know about, and they can’t find your videos, how are they going to subscribe to you? One quick example of sharing is sharing your videos to your social platforms first and foremost, but also finding people to collaborate with who have a similar-sized audience to you. You can cross promote each other’s channels. That can come in the form of doing a collaboration video with them and reaching out and providing value to their audience. Then, they can provide value to yours. You can also do collaborations on other platforms. Maybe you want to do an Instagram story take over and drive their audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel. There are a ton of ways to get more exposure for your YouTube channel, and a great way to do it in the beginning is through collaboration.

Another quick tip here of sharing is caring and increasing your subscribers to getting your channel out there is connecting with influencers in your space or doing some kind of a review in your video of an app tool or a resource that you can mention, and then send to that app tool or resource or to that influencer and have them share your video with their audience. That’s immediate brand awareness and increased engagement, which is going to garner more subscribers for your channel.

Number four is own your niche. The more niche you can go with your content on YouTube, the more you can own and build authority within your space. If you want to talk about technology or social media or video marketing or entrepreneurship or sowing, whatever your niche is, go really, really deep into that niche. The reason this is important is because it’s easier to rank your videos if you’re going into a small niche. You have built authority in that niche than it is to trying to talk about a million different things at once. The higher you rank your videos on YouTube, the more views and subscribers you’re going to garner in the first couple of months that you built your channel.

To go from zero to 1,000 really quick, do a bunch of videos in one specific niche to really build up your authority and to increase your rankings even if there isn’t a ton of competition, which is actually better. If there isn’t a ton of competition in your niche, you have a better chance of ranking on the number one spot on YouTube, which is going to get you, again, more views from an audience that may have never heard of you before, so go super, super niche with your content, especially in the beginning of starting your YouTube channel.

Another tip here is to do your research. Your audience and your community will tell you what they want you to create content on. Listen to them. That’s how I grew up so fast on YouTube. Every single video I’ve created is based on feedback from my viewers and my community on social media. They tell me what they want me to make a video on because if they’re asking, there’s millions of other people out there who are searching for that same content. Really listen and use that as your video topics for your videos. That’s going to give you increased brand awareness.

Another quick step to increasing your subscribers is as you niche down and you really focus on one specific space, you can create playlists within your channel and share those playlist links to get people to watch video, after video, after video instead of them just watching one video on your channel, because the more watch time on your channel, the more authority you build. The higher you’re going to rank, and the more people are going to see and subscribe to your channel.

The final step or tip is to out-value your competition in your space. When I first started on YouTube, I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I’ve learned a lot over the last two years, which is why my channel has grown to the size that it has. What I will say is what I wish I knew from day one and what I accidentally fell not doing was creating almost mini courses with each YouTube video. My videos had so much information and value in them that people loved them, and they could easily implement the steps as soon as they finish watching the video. That creates this positive sentiment around you and your channel. Meaning, people are going to want to come back for more videos. Out-value your competition by creating content that actually really helps people and includes all the steps they need to know, and be consistent. If you can just show up on a consistent basis at the same time each week or each day, you will build an audience much faster than anyone else out there.

Consistency is one of the biggest keys to growing on any platform but really particularly on YouTube, because, and one of my Idols, Oprah has mentioned this with her show. When she was on TV, she created a habit. What you need to do with your channel is create a habit. Everyone knew Oprah was on at 4 o’clock every single day. They ran home to watch it, so you need to create a habit of it. Your videos go live at 1:00 p.m. every Wednesday, so your audience knows and gets into the habit of coming back to your channel each week and subscribing for that new video each week. Create a habit and out-value your competition by doing so.

On that note, I have one final bonus tip. Don’t forget about your YouTube channel art. This is the first impression on your channel. You need to give people a reason to subscribe. It should include what day of the week you post videos, how often you post videos and what kind of content the viewer should subscribe for. You need to give them a reason to stick around. Of course, don’t forget about your YouTube channel trailer as well. Now, if you want to set up your YouTube channel on the right note, make sure you grab my Boss YouTube Channel Checklist also linked below this video. One final note is a new addition on YouTube, which is asking your subscribers in your videos. Make sure you include this in the script of your videos. Ask them to hit the little bell beside the subscribe button on your channel. That means they’ll get notified every time you post a new video, which means you get more views, more engagement, higher rankings and therefore, more subscribers.

Now you know how to get your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. Be sure to check out those other videos and resources I mentioned. You’ll be set to go, but what if you want to grow to 100,000 subscribers? Be sure to grab my guide on going from zero to 100,000 subscribers in under 12 months. It includes the nine steps to growing your YouTube channel, becoming the authority in your industry and building a loyal tribe for life.

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Thank you so much for reading and watching!

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