How to Build Your Brand Using Video

Hey, boss. It’s Sunny Lenarduzzi, and today, I’m going to show you how to build your brand with video.

Tip number one: you might have heard the phrase, “Content is king,” but it’s actually content makes you king or queen. What I mean by that is you have to pick the right topics. In order to build your brand, you don’t want to cast a wide net, you don’t want to try and attract a huge audience, you want to try and attract your target audience. That means picking topics that they actually care about. There’s a couple of ways that you can do this. You can use tools like Google Planner to figure out the search volume behind topics in your industry. You can also ask your audience. On social media create a poll or ask a question about what they want to hear from you. That’s going to give you great insights into video topics that you should be creating. You also want to make sure you’re keeping it as niche as possible. The more niche you go, the more targeted views you’re going to get, which is going to help build your authority as the king or queen in your space. Content, good content, will make you king or queen in your industry.

Tip number two is, share everywhere. This is really important. If you just create a video and hope people will watch, well, you’re probably going to be disappointed by the amount of traction you get on it. The way to actually blow up your views and get a ton of traction and engagement on your videos is to share it across all your social platforms. Every time I publish a YouTube video I post it on all my social platforms, so I share it on Facebook, I share it on Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat, and sometimes I’ll even do a live stream as well. If I don’t share my video on social platforms, then I’m just hoping people will find my video on YouTube. That does happen, but this is going to give you that extra exposure to increase your brand and your brand reach even further.

Tip number three is consistency in your branding. You’ll notice in my videos I always use black, white, and gold. That’s my brand, and I have that consistent across all of my social media platforms as my key brand color. Why this is so important, because you might be thinking, colors can’t really build a brand, but they can, it makes people recognize you instantly on all the different social platforms, so they know that it’s you and not some other random account that they don’t want to follow. The other thing here is, put your social handles in your videos so that people can find you again on all your different social platforms and you’re building your community, and more importantly, you’re building your relationships with your potential customers and your viewers on all the different platforms.

If you follow me on Instagram, @SunnyLenarduzzi, you’ll see that I have a much more personal approach to my content on Instagram than I do on YouTube. You get to see a different side of my personality and my business and different tips and tricks and educational tools on all of my social platforms. This is because I want to further build my community and build my relationships with my audience, and then they turn into potential customers one day or just lifelong brand ambassadors, which is awesome. Make sure that your consistency and branding stays the same across all your platforms, so have the same colors, same fonts, all of those things. Also, post your social media links to all of your other platforms in your videos or post them below your videos, so you can build your community on all of your different platforms as well.

Tip number four is, convert. What this means is, again, building your community even further and building your relationships with your audience so people don’t just watch your video and forget about you. The way to do this is a two step process. In your videos you want to make sure that you have two calls to action. The first is your conversion call to action, meaning, you want to send people to your website to sign up for your email list, to a physical store or location, wherever you can actually convert them into either a customer or a potential customer, warm lead or a fan or follower. The other thing that you can do is send them to your social media platforms. Say you’re running a contest on a platform, send them there to follow you and expand your community on all of your social platforms.

The second call to action is your engagement call to action, particularly on YouTube, but this does apply for all videos. The more engagement that you get, the better your video will do and the more reach it will get, because the more likes, the more the video will rank higher in the algorithm on all social platforms, but particularly on YouTube. You’ll notice at the end of all my videos I ask for likes, comments and shares. That’s what you want to ask for on your videos as well. The more engagement, the better your reach will be.

The final tip, tip five, is, collateral. The best way to use your brand using video is, to use these videos as collateral to build your brand. What I mean by that is, you can use your videos to book speaking engagements, to get press mentions. You can use them in blog posts as a featured blogger on industry websites. Use your video content. Don’t just post it, hope for views, and forget about your video. Use it. You put a lot of time and effort into these videos, you’re proud of them, so they should be posted everywhere. Use these videos as collateral to build your brand even further across social platforms, across different websites, and across your industry as well.

Now you know how video can help you build your brand, but are you set up for success on your YouTube channel? Make sure that you grab my Boss YouTube channel checklist right here. It will help you set up your YouTube channel and brand it for success, so that when you post videos everything looks wonderful on your channel and aligned and has that brand consistency. It has every step you need to know, to set up your YouTube channel for success.

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