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Hey boss, it’s Sunny Lenarduzzi.

There is one key to being your own boss that not enough people talk about. It’s CONFIDENCE. You have to be confident, whether you are trying to own a meeting, present a pitch, go on camera or just take the leap in your life to actually be your own boss.

And you know what the great thing is? You don’t have to know exactly what you’re doing to be confident in what you’re doing. So I wanted to share with you my Top Five Confidence Creators that you can implement into your life and into your day.

And I have a very special brand new download at the end of this post with a few affirmations that you can say to yourself every single day to start your day on a confident note.

Confidence creator number one: Proof. You have overcome a lot in your life to get to this point and I think it’s really important that you remind yourself of it. So, the first step is to remind yourself (whether you have to write it down or you create some sort of board) of when you’ve overcome some sort of a challenge or you pushed through some sort of a problem to get to where you need to go. Because you’re going to fail, we’re all gonna fail. And I failed a lot in my journey. But the thing is, when you fail it sets you up for success even faster, because you can learn a lot faster than someone who’s afraid to fail or make a mistake. So, remind yourself of the times when you’ve pushed through something that you didn’t think was possible and that’s gonna give you a boost of confidence.

Something that I do is create a positivity wall as well. I have a wall in my office that has notes and pictures and images that remind me that there are people out there who enjoy and support what I do. That also motivates me and gives me the confidence to keep going. And finally, as I mentioned, at the end of this post I’m giving you my affirmations to give you a kick start of confidence every single morning. It’ll take you a few seconds and it really does change your mindset to start creating confidence in yourself right now.

Confidence creator number two: Prove Yourself Wrong. So the first one is proof and the second one is to prove yourself wrong. What do I mean by that? Well, I always talk about risk tolerance. So, when I started my business, I was really afraid to make moves and do things outside of my comfort zone. But unfortunately (or fortunately) you kind of have to, as you grow as an entrepreneur or else you’re probably just gonna give up. You have to go outside of your comfort zone, you have to take risks in order to grow. And now my risk tolerance is so high in my business. I’m doing things now that I never thought were even possible for me. So, start today and try one thing that you thought you might not be capable of and you’ll probably surprise yourself. Even if you fail the first time, you will figure out how to do it eventually, I promise. So, prove yourself wrong. Your mind might be telling you: “No, it’s too hard, you can’t do that”. But you will prove yourself wrong, if you just try. You won’t ever prove yourself wrong if you never do it in the first place.

Confidence creator number three: Own It. It’s one of the most important and probably one of the most misconstrued. I don’t want you to go out there and pretend to be something you’re not. The biggest key to confidence is owning exactly where you are in your journey. If you are a newbie beginner – own it. Don’t pretend to be somebody who has years of experience, because your growth comes from experience. If you’re just starting out in your business or in your niche, own that and be a sponge for learning. As long as you have a growth mindset, you’re set up for success and you’ll succeed a lot faster than if you’re trying to pretend to be an expert or trying to pretend to be something you’re not. You will get to the expert status through experience. That’s the only way that you will get there. Do not fake it till you make it. Own it. Own where you are, do the work, join groups, get in communities that are focused on your niche and what you do, learn from your mentors, learn from the best in the business and, eventually, you will be the best in the business.

Confidence creator number four: Mood Boosters. Now, this might sound like a little bit of a weird thing to tell you, but it’s pretty practical. What are you doing to improve your mood on a daily basis? Because when your mood is good and positive and happy and joyful and at peace, you feel more confident. When you’re anxious and stressed out, you’re not gonna feel very confident at all. So, even if you have to inject yourself with a little bit of a mood booster, you totally should be doing this on a daily basis. Things like listening to the right music.

I actually wake up to a specific playlist and I call it my “boss playlist” (obviously!). It wakes me up through my alarm clock every single morning. And it makes such a big difference because I’m waking up with songs that pump me up and get me out of bed and give me that confidence to go tackle the day. Another thing that I always do is exercise every single day. I push myself when I exercise to give me the idea that I’m gonna prove myself wrong and I can do things that I thought once weren’t possible. So, boost your mood through the things that make you happy. Whether that’s hanging out with your friends and family or trying a new activity or a hobby unrelated to your business – just give yourself a mental break. Music, exercise, whatever it may be, try and infuse some mood boosters into every single day.

Finally, the confidence creator that I’m gonna finish this off with: Be Your Own Fan. You probably thought I was gonna say “boss”. But I’m gonna say – “Be your own fan.” So I look to DJ Khaled for this one and I want you to take a note out of his book. He is truly his biggest fan. His whole slogan and tagline is “We the best.” So you really do have to believe in yourself before anyone else is gonna believe in you, so you have to be your number one fan. If you’re not going to be kind to yourself, if you’re not going to be forgiving to yourself, no one else is gonna be. And you really do need to have that “own” confidence and instilled self-confidence before you can go out there and put yourself out there in your business and truly feel confident in yourself. Again, you don’t want to fake it until you make it, because you will fall flat on your face eventually, if you’re trying to run on that model. So, be kind to yourself, be your biggest cheerleader, cheer yourself on, use everything else that I’ve told you in this video today to make sure that you do have that confidence setup. But above all else, really all you need to do is be your biggest fan and believe in yourself more than anybody else does. Because when all else fails, if you have that – you will have confidence for life.

As I mentioned, I do have a brand new bonus for you and I’m really excited about this one. It is just a one page Affirmation Sheet that you can read every morning to be your biggest fan.

And it’s really going to start your day with a boost and a kickstart of confidence. These are affirmations that you can read out to yourself or you can just read it silently inside of your head every single morning to feel really confident in whatever it is that you’re doing and whatever stage it is that you are in growing your business, growing your brand or doing something new in your life.

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