Course Concept Checklist

Course Concept Checkist

Are you looking to scale your business? Do you want to serve a much larger audience than you are currently? Finally, do you want to create more flexibility in your current life and business model?

If this sounds even remotely like you, than creating an online course is the solution you've been looking for! BUT, before you start creating your course, it's important to know that your concept is a winner. 

Take a few minutes to complete this Course Creation Checklist before you take any further steps on your course concept!

“Sunny is one of the best content creators in the world. She just gets it, and is constantly evolving. Work with her if you can."

-- Jay Baer, New York Times Best Selling Author, President of Convince Convert

The Course Concept Checklist You Need Before Creating Your First, Or Next, Online Course 

A note from Sunny...

"Using the steps in this checklist for all 3 of my digital courses, I was able to sell $400,000+ worth of product in less than a year. This checklist helped to determine the exact content my audience was seeking, so I could then create a product, that I knew they wanted and would buy. If you’re thinking about creating your own course, than THIS is the place to start. Trust me!"